Alexis Alfthan

Alexis Alfthan Lieutenant General 3.1.1814 Silesia 7.12.1885 Annovka, Governorate of Yekaterinoslav, Russia The son of Councilor and Solider Carl Vilhelm Afthan of Viipuri, and Katarina Nabel, Alexis attended primary school in Vyborg from 1828 to 1831. After graduation, he enrolled in the Finnish Cadet School, receiving the rank […]

Memorial Hunter – The Battle of Gorni Dubnik Memorial – A Hidden Memorial to a Forgotten War

Tucked away in the car park of Finland’s Ministry of Defence is a little known memorial to a little known battle. I came across this memorial doing research on the military of the Grand Duchy of Finland. I knew that Finnish troops had seen limited service during the […]

Finnish ANZACs

The 25th April is known in Australia and New Zealand as ANZAC Day. This National day of remembrance commemorates Australians and New Zealanders who have served in the nations’ armed forces, were wounded , or fallen during conflicts. The date holds significance as it was the first landing […]

Finnish Kommandoes – Finns in the Second Boer War

During my research for the Battle of Oulu, I came across a section that mentioned that the commander of Oulu’s Red Guard, Lennart Lindgren, had fought in the Second Boer War. This led me on a journey to the Skandinaviska Karen (the Scandinavian Corps) and their heroics at […]