Memorial Hunter – Raatisaari Prison Camp 1918

The 1st of May, also called May Day or Vappu in Finnish, is one of the biggest holidays in the Finnish calendar. It’s a day filled with celebration, parades, eating munkki (Finnish doughnuts), tippaleipä (Finnish funnel cakes) and drinking sima (mead). It is also the day that Socialists […]

Memorial Hunter – Pispala Red Guard Monument – Last Stand at Pispala

A few years ago I was in Tampere for work. After attending the work-related event, I found myself with a few hours free before I needed to get the train back to Oulu and so thought what better way to use my time than explore the city for […]

Finnish ANZACs

The 25th April is known in Australia and New Zealand as ANZAC Day. This National day of remembrance commemorates Australians and New Zealanders who have served in the nations’ armed forces, were wounded , or fallen during conflicts. The date holds significance as it was the first landing […]