Winter War 80 – 105 Days of Honour

The Winter War was a 105 day conflict fought in some of the most inhospitable conditions known to man. Today it has captured the imaginations of thousands of people, ranging as an example of what men can do when they are free and have love for their nation, to being an outright meme.

This modern David and Goliath struggle will see its 80th anniversary in 2019.

The war devastated the nation, but despite succumbing to the overwhelming material might of the Soviet Union, it held its head high and retained its sovereignty through sacrifice, loyalty and sisu.

Today there is still many untold stories about the conflict. Besides the basic premise and the famous battles at Raate Road and the Mannerheim Line, little is known outside the borders of Finland.

This project is my contribution to bringing the stories of the Winter War to a wider audience. It is also my way of honouring those veterans who gave up their freedoms, so that we can enjoy ours today. It is divided into two main parts, Articles and Pro Patria. Articles will look at battle, tell stories and give deeper information to this war. Pro Patria, meaning ‘for the homeland/fatherland’ or more commonly ‘On behalf of the Fatherland’, will highlight individuals who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep Finland free.

Posts will appear on various social media platforms using the hastags, #winterwar80 and #talvisota80