International Response to the War

On the 6th December, Finland celebrates its Independence. On this occasion there is many traditions held throughout the country, special church services, public speeches, family get togethers and so on. Probably the highlight though is the Independence Day Reception held at the President’s Palace, where Finland’s elite intermingle […]

Pro Patria – Viljo Aukusti Huusko

Born in Sotkamo on the 17th July 1913, Viljo Huusko was a farmer in the small eastern municipality. As war was approaching, Huusko was called back from the reserves and assigned to one of the many Independent Battalions defending the large border area north of the Isthmus. As […]

Finland’s Plans for the Winter War

When most people talk about Finland’s actions during the Winter War, they talk about agile white clad ski soldiers cutting through packed Soviet columns, gunning as they go. The meme of the Winter War being nothing more than farmers with skis using hit and run tactics isn’t wholly […]

Pro Patria – Kaarlo Kaksonen

Born on the 28th October 1917, Kaarlo Kaksonen was a native of the Ladoga region and made a living as a fisherman. Being called back from the Reserves in October 1939, he was assigned to Coastal Artillery Regiment 3. He died unmarried and without any children. Source

Finnish Democratic Republic – An Obstacle to Peace

As fighting raged across the Finnish-Soviet border, Radio Moscow announced the creation of the Finnish Democratic Republic (also called the Finnish People’s Republic or Terijoki Government) under the former Finnish Socialist Workers’ Republic educational minister, Otto Ville Kuusinen. Kuusinen wanted to reassure the Finnish people that, ‘The Soviet […]

Pro Patria – Martti Vihtori Elo

Born on the 13th July 1915, Martti Elo was a theology student when he was called back from the reserves in October 1939. He was put in charge of the grandly named Border Detachment II, with 42 men, and given charge of an 80km wide front centered around […]

The Bombings of Helsinki

As the border region became a battleground, the citizens of Helsinki started their day oblivious to that war had come to their small nation. The first indication they had that anything was amiss was the wail of the civil defence siren at 0920, followed shortly after by the […]

Pro Patria – Lauri Johannes Ojanperä

Born in Ylistaro, Hyvinkää on 2nd September 1906. A husband and a father, who left behind a wife a 7 children. A labourer before being called up when the Finnish Army mobilised in October 1939. Source

The Soviet’s Plan for the Winter War

On the morning of the 30th November 1939, thousands of artillery pieces opened up upon the Soviet-Finnish border in what was the largest bombardment since the end of the First World War. Within hours thousands of Soviet infantrymen crossed the border at various points from the Karelian Isthmus […]

Pro Patria – Jorma Kaijus Gallen-Kallela

The son of famous Finnish artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela. Died from a gunshot sustained attempting to captured downed Soviet aircrew. He left behind a wife and 2 children. Source