Freezing Inferno: USSR vs. Finland 1939-1940 Interview

Games based upon the Winter War, or any Finnish conflict, are few and far between. I played Talvisota: Icy Hell way back when I first came to Finland, and have seen several examples at the Game exhibit at Tampere’s Vapriiki museum. So, to find out that there is […]

Nikolai Stepanovich Ugrumov – The First Hero of the Soviet-Finnish War

As Soviet and Finnish troops clashed along the border on the first day of the war, many heroes were made. In the Red Army, the highest award given was the gold star of the Hero of the Soviet Union. On that first day of fighting, Nikolai Stepanovich Ugryumov […]

What were the Red Army losses during the Winter War?

“So many Russians – where will we bury them all ?” – Attributed to an anonymous Finnish Soldier Red Army losses during the Winter War has been a controversial subject ever since the end of the conflict. When the war started, some 425,000 Soviet soldiers were distributed among […]

Heroes of Finland – Diego Manzocchi – A strange and tragic tale

During the Winter War, thousands of people from nations across the globe volunteered to serve Finland. Most of these volunteers wouldn’t leave their home countries, let alone make it to Finland due to the issues with getting to the Nordic state. However, a few thousand did, many being […]

Decorations of Finland – Winter War Campaign Crosses

In the aftermath of the Winter War, several campaign crosses were commissioned for the various areas of operation of the conflict. These were issued alongside the Winter War Medal to help foster a spirit of comradeship as well as to recognise the individuals’ contribution at a certain battle. […]

Decorations of Finland – Winter War Medal

Service medals are awarded to soldiers and civilians for fulfilling certain criteria. It is one of the ways a nation pays homage to those who have served in the nation’s best interests. In the wake of the Winter War, a new medal was designed in order to honour […]

Pro Patria – Mikko Kuitunen

An unmarried farmer from Hirvensalmi, Mikko Kuitunen was ready to do his duty. Assigned to the 26th Engineer Company, he was a member of the 13th Division and saw heavy fighting in the region north of Lake Ladoga. During combat on the 2nd January, Pioneer Kuitunen was badly […]

Pro Patria – Lasse Veikko Harjumäki

A brickmaker from Hausjärvi, Lasse Veikko Harjumäki was newly married when he was called up for refresher training. Assigned to the 14th Gas Protection Company, he took part in the viscous fighting at Syskyjärvi as part of IV Corps. During a heavy artillery strike on the 1st January […]

Pro Patria – Aimo August Linkosalmi

Born in the capital region, Aimo Linkosalmi was a Theology student when he was called up during the Additional Refresher Training and placed in Infantry Regiment 37. On New Year’s Eve, 2nd Battalion of Infantry Regiment 37 were given orders to attack Soviet forces at Ruhtinaanmäki. The assault […]

Pro Patria – Erkki Valtonen

Erkki Valtonen grew up in the municipality of Puumala in the Southern Savonia region. During late December 1939, elements of Infantry Regiment 36 managed to cut the supply line of the 56th Rifle Corps at Lavajärvi. To keep the supply line closed, 13th and 12th Divisions supplied fresh […]