Pro Patria – Uuno Valter Holopainen

Pro Patria Fallen Soldier Memorial Uuno Valter Holopainen

Born in Viipuri on 3rd March 1916. Uuno Valter Holopainen moved to Hyvinkää and was a boilerman apprentice. He was called up from the reserves in October 1939 and assigned to 1st Company, Bicycle Battalion 5.

The Battalion was part of 4th Division and was responsible for the area in front of Viipuri. On the morning of the 13th December, 1st Company, Bicycle Battalion 5, were sent in the direction of Iivanala. During the march, the company was attacked by the enemy. After a short engagement, the Company Commander ordered a retreat back to Tikkala. The unit took stock of their losses, 1 lost, 5 wounded and 2nd Lieutenant Uuno Valter Holopainen killed in action.

Because of the retreat, his body was left in the field and not recovered. He is commemorated in Hyvinkää Heroes Cemetery.


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