Pro Patria – Väinö Ilmari Huttunen

Sergeant Väinö Ilmari Huttunen was a member of Sissi Battalion 1 and fell during fighting at Suomussalmi.

Born in the North Savo municipality of Lapinlahti, Väinö Ilmari Huttunen was a farm manager in Hyvinkää Rural Municipality.

On the 10th December, General Headquarters ordered the establishment of Sissi Battalions 1 and 2. These units were intended for independent operations within the enemy’s rear. Sissi Battalion 1 was quickly formed at Riihimäki soon after and sent to the North Finland Group. They were quickly put to use upon arriving in the Suomussalmi area.

On the 28th December, a small group of Finns on skis burst from the forests and fell upon a unit of the 146th Rifle Regiment. The raid was swift and soon the Finns had blended back into the snowy forests, leaving behind 8 Soviets dead. Unfortunately though, Sergeant Väinö Ilmari Huttunen fell during the engagement.

He left behind a wife and child.


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