Pro Patria – Eino Makkonen

Pro Patria - Eino Makkonen
Killed in Action during the Winter War Talvisota

Eino Makkonen was born 27th September 1906. He moved from the North Karelian municipality of Rääkkylä to Sulkava. He worked as a farmer living with his wife and child.

Makkonen was assigned to the 33rd Engineer Company during Additional Refresher Training. The 1st Platoon of the company was seconded to the 34th Engineer Company.

On the 15th December, 1st Platoon, alongside other units of the 12th Division, attempted to encircle the Soviet 18th Rifle Division at Lemetti. After fighting with parts of the 208th Rifle Regiment at Syskyjärvi, 5 members of the platoon were killed. During the withdrawal, Pioneer Eino Makkonen’s body was left behind.


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