Pro Patria – Oskar Ahtiainen

A blacksmith from the Karelian Ishtmus border region of Metsäpirtti. Oskar Ahtiainen was born 13th January 1904.

He was married and had 4 children. During the Additional Refresher Training, he was called to the 9th Border Company. This unit was part of the Metsäpirtti Detachment and was to secure the eastern part of the Karelian Isthmus.

When war broke out, the 9th Border Company was part of the delaying force skirmishing with advancing Soviet unis. On the 3rd December it was assigned to the 10th Division and moved to help the defence at Taipale.

On the morning of the 16th December, a platoon of the 9th Border Company was placed in trenches around Kaarnajoki. At 0915 an intense bombardment from the artillery units of the 4th Rifle Division rained down at Kaarnajoki. The aftermath revealed that Private Oskar Ahtiainen had been cut down. 2nd lieutenants Onni Heinonen and Tahvo Hyytiä were also badly wounded.

His body was buried in his home town of Metsäpirtti, but as the area was surrendered after the war, he is commemorated on the Mother Karelia Monument at Lappeenranta.

Not everyone had their picture featured in Vapautemme Hinta (The price of our freedom) for various reasons. These would display a Cross of Mourning.


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