Pro Patria – Mauno Artturi Kiviristo

Mauno Artturi Kiviristo was a farmer in the municipality of Koski Tl. Born on the 20th January 1904, he was unmarried when he was called up for Additional Refresher Training.

Like others from his area, he was assigned to Infantry Regiment 14. When the Winter War broke out, 2nd Company, with the rest of 1st Battalion, was in positions next to Lake Muolaa. The company had its baptism of fire on the afternoon of the 6th December 1939.

The advance of the Soviet 7th Army stalled against the Main Defence Line and had launched an assault on the 12th December. After intense fighting all day, Komandarm 2nd rank (Commanding officer of the Army 2nd rank) Vsevolod Fedorovich Yakovlev called off the offensive.

After reorganising, Yakovlev planned for a new offensive from Summa to Muolaa to begin on the 17th December. The 24th Rifle Division was placed to take the positions held by the 1st Battalion, Infantry Regiment 14.

2nd Company was positioned around a machine gun bunker and received the advance of the 7th Rifle Regiment. During the fierce fighting, Lieutenant Mauno Artturi Kiviristo was killed.

His body was returned to his home of Koski Tl and laid to rest at the local Heroes Cemetery.


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