Pro Patria – Mikko Majuri

Staff Sergeant Mikko Majuri was on a reconnaissance flight over Salla when he was shot down on Christmas Eve 1939

Mikko Majuri was born in the small farming village of Salmi. At some point he moved to the Rural Municipality of Sortavala.

He joined the Finnish Air Force and climbed through the ranks. When the Winter War broke out, he was part of Flying Squadron 16 as a flight mechanic.

Flying Squadron 16 was assigned to bombing and reconnaissance duties north of Lake Ladoga. As the Soviet 9th and 14th Armies pushed into Finland’s interior in the north, the Third Flight was assigned to support the Finnish ground forces.

On Christmas Eve, Junkers K 43 JU-126 piloted by Vääpeli (Sergeant 1st class) Kauko Hyytiänien; was conducting a reconnaissance mission over Salla. At 1230 the aircraft was ambushed by a flight of Polikarpov I-15’s from the 145th Fighter Aviation Regiment (IAP). It wasn’t long before the leader of the flight, Kapitan (Captain) K. Sokol, had caused enough damage to the single engined aircraft to bring it down.

Sergeant Hyytiänien managed to parachute but the rest of his crew were not as lucky. Luutnantti (Lieutenant) Erkki Alanen, the navigator/observer, Alikersantti (Corporal) Paavo Kaurto, the gunner, and Ylikersantti (Staff Sergeant) Mikko Majuri were all killed in the crash.

The wreck would not be found until the evening of the 26th June 1940 by foresters. His body was buried in his birth village of Salmi. His name is recorded on the Mother Karelia Monument at Lappeenranta.


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