Pro Patria – Ahti Aabraham Forsell

Ahti Aabraham Forsell was killed in action on Christmas Day at the Battle of Suomussalmi.

Born on the 15th December 1916, Ahti Aabraham Forsell had moved from Oulu to Kemi to work as a labourer.

When the call went out for additional refresher training in October 1939, Ahti reported for duty. On the 12th December, Infantry Regiment 27 received orders to embark by train to Suomussalmi. During the famous battle of Suomussalmi, they were used by Colonel Siilasvuo to attack from the north. They continued to keep pressure on the elements of the 163rd Division from the 22nd December but on the evening of the 24th to 25th, several attempts were carried out to break through the blockade. These were supported by air and artillery attacks. During this time, Private 1st Class Ahti Aabraham Forsell was killed.

His body was returned to Kemi and he was buried in the Heroes Cemetery of the city.


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