Peter Magnus Aquilander

Major General 17.2.1824 Uusikirkko, Grand Duchy of Finland 1894 St.Petersburg, Russian Empire Born into a wealthy family in Uusikirkko, Peter entered the Finnish Cadet School in Hamina in 1838. Graduating with the rank of Ensign in 1844, he pursued a career in the Engineer Troops and enrolled in […]

Arvid Conrad Appelgren

Major General S 30.6.1876 Hanko, K 22.1.1961 Turku 30.6.1876 Hanko, Grand Duchy of Finland 22.1.1961 Turku, Republic of Finland Born in the coastal town of Hanko, Appelgren moved to Turku in 1884 before enrolling in the Hamina Cadet Academy in 1889. Graduating as an Ensign in 1894, he […]

Otto Wilhelm von Ammondt

Lieutenant General 20.12.1795 Hauho, Kingdom of Sweden 29.5.1861 Porvoo, Grand Duchy of Finland Son of former Swedish officer, Otto Detlof Ammondt, and Ulrika Albertina Borgenström. He joined the Finnish Jaeger Regiment in 1812, moving between companies throughout the years. In 1816 he was made an Ensign in the […]

Adolf Aminoff

General of the Infantry 25.2.1806 Mietoinen, Grand Duchy of Finland 2.11.1884 Riilahti Manor, Bromarv, Grand Duchy of Finland Son of Deputy Chancellor, Count Johan Fredrik Aminoff and Eva Matilda Bruncrona, Aminoff was educated in Uusimaa and Turku, where he passed his matriculation examination. He then attended the Page […]

Edvard Reinhold von Ammondt

Major General 12.12.1832 St.Petersburg, Russian Empire 28.10.1887 Hämeenlinna, Grand Duchy of Finland Son of Lieutenant-General Otto Wilhelm von Ammondt and Anna Carolina Sofia Cygnaeus, Edvard was destined to be a military man. Enrolled in the First Saint Petersburg Cadet Corps before transferring to the Hamina Cadet Academy in […]

Johan Fredrik Gustav Aminoff

Lieutenant General 21.8.1844 Mietoinen, Grand Duchy of Finland 7.1.1899 Helsinki, Grand Duchy of Finland Johan was born to Colonel Baron Alexander Aminoff and Fredrika Charlotta Maria af Forselles in the southwestern town of Mietoinen. He entered the Hamina Cadet School in 1856 but then transferred to the Imperial […]

Jakob Alopaeus

General of Artillery 3.5.1812 Viipuri, Grand Duchy of Finland 12.4.1882 St. Petersburg, Russian Empire Born in 1812 in the city of Viipuri. His parents were Nikolaus Samuel Alopaeus, a registrar at the Vippuri Governor’s Office, and Anna Nordgren. Alopaeus attended an artillery academy, graduating in 1830 (some sources […]

Fredrik Alopaeus

Major General 1810 Unknown 20.4.1862 Odessa, Kherson Governorate, Russian Empire Born to Finnish-Russian senior diplomat Frans David Alopaeus and Jeanette Caroline Charlotte von Wenckstern, very little is recorded about his youth. What is known is he was born around 1810 and he was enrolled at the Tsarskoye Selo […]

Georg von Alfthan

Lieutenant General 26.10.1828 Viipuri, Grand Duchy of Finland 4.2.1896 Helsinki, Grand Duchy of Finland The son of Secretary of Governor and Wholesaler Anton Alfthan and his wife Helena, Georg was born into a life of privilege. Like many teens of wealthy families, he enrolled into the Hamina Cadet […]

Carl Johan Woldemar Alfthan

Carl Johan Woldemar Alfthan Lieutenant General 29.4.1860 Bezhetsk, Governorate of Tver, Russia 19.12.1940 Helsinki, Finland Born to Colonel Alexis Alfthan and Sofia in Bezhetsk, he was destined for service within the Russian Empire. Like his father, Carl entered the Hamina Cadet School, where he gained a general education […]