Pro Patria – Viljo Hujanen

Born in the Iisalmi Rural Municipality, Viljo Hujanen made his home in the city of Kajaani. He worked as a driver and was married with 2 children. One of the many smaller units formed during the Winter War, Corporal Viljo Hujanen saw intense fighting in the Lieksa region. […]

Pro Patria – Väinö Ilmari Huttunen

Born in the North Savo municipality of Lapinlahti, Väinö Ilmari Huttunen was a farm manager in Hyvinkää Rural Municipality. On the 10th December, General Headquarters ordered the establishment of Sissi Battalions 1 and 2. These units were intended for independent operations within the enemy’s rear. Sissi Battalion 1 […]

Pro Patria – August Hatakka

The oldest of three children, August Hatakka grew up in a farming family in the village of Hatakkala, Metsäpirtti. Due to the increased tensions between Finland and the Soviet Union, many men along the border regions were called up for service in covering units. These groups would screen […]

Pro Patria – Bruno Valdemar Gustafsson

Bruno Valdemar Gustafsson was born in the Swedish speaking town of Tenala/ Tenhola. A labourer by trade, he lived in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. Called up during additional refresher training, he was assigned to Heavy Artillery Battalion 4. The unit was deployed to support the Finnish efforts […]

Pro Patria – Ahti Aabraham Forsell

Born on the 15th December 1916, Ahti Aabraham Forsell had moved from Oulu to Kemi to work as a labourer. When the call went out for additional refresher training in October 1939, Ahti reported for duty. On the 12th December, Infantry Regiment 27 received orders to embark by […]

Pro Patria – Mikko Majuri

Mikko Majuri was born in the small farming village of Salmi. At some point he moved to the Rural Municipality of Sortavala. He joined the Finnish Air Force and climbed through the ranks. When the Winter War broke out, he was part of Flying Squadron 16 as a […]

Pro Patria – Erkki Vilhelmi Pyöriä

Erkki Vilhelmi Pyöriä was born in the North Ostrobothnia town of Haapavesi. He was called up from the reserves in October 1939 and assembled with Bicycle Battalion 7 at the city of Oulu. The unit was placed in an ad-hoc formation designated Osasto Räsäsen (Detachment Räsäsen ) and […]

Pro Patria – Osmo Ala-Juoni

A native of Kauhajoki, Osmo Ala-Juoni was a labourer in the western Finnish town. He was a member of the 6th Transport Company, part of the 6th Division’s logistics group. The division was part of Mannerheim’s reserve. Lieutenant General Hugo Österman convinced Mannerheim to launch a counter attack […]

The Aura II Disaster

Finland relied on outside trade in order to survive and this only became more crucial during war time. Small convoys would form in neutral Swedish waters and be escorted by the Finnish navy through the extensive minefields surrounding the Åland Islands (Ahvenamaa). On the 13th January, one of […]

Pro Patria – Feyez Kayenuk

Born on the 8th October 1914, Feyzi was raised in Tuusula near Helsinki. He was a university student focusing upon Tatar history. He attended the 40th Reserve Officer School course, graduating with the rank of Kornetti (Cornet). He served in the Uusimaa Dragoon Regiment from 1938 to 1939. […]